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EXODUS PROJECT offers spiritually-based mentoring and extensive resources for men and women of all faiths coming out of incarceration and returning to the Sacramento Area. Services include emergency housing, transitional housing, employment, transportation, clothing, phones, and counseling.

Rooted in the teachings to care for the least among us, EXODUS PROJECT aims to be a bridge of support and compassion during the tenuous transition from incarceration back into the community. Beginning during the last months of incarceration, mentoring continues for six months post-release.

Our Approach

Exodus Project, Sacramento takes a holistic approach, emphasizing human dignity, self-awareness, and an engaged spiritual and/or religious life. Through this lens, mentors offer non-judgmental listening, encouragement, and support.

Mentors also offer practical support and encouragement with worldly affairs, including the procurement of housing, healthcare, employment, faith community involvement, and

Our approach focuses on three core areas:

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This program is run by Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Sacramento Diocesan Council and supported by The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. 


Exodus Project is also working in collaboration with the Sacramento Office of the Public Defender to provide case management, phones, and other resources to pre-trial clients.


How You Can Help

  • Become a Mentor

  • Employ a Returning Citizen

  • Donate

  • Contact Us

MISSION: Exodus Project is committed to providing support, comprehensive services, and hope to individuals transitioning from incarceration back into the shared community. 

VISION: At Exodus Project, our vision is to redefine reentry by fostering healthy individuals and an inclusive community where those emerging from prison or jail find a pathway to holistic reintegration. We recognize the inherent worth of each person, regardless of their past or their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Through personalized mentorship, comprehensive services, and unwavering dedication, we aim to empower and equip our participants with the tools they need to rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose. By creating a collaborative environment that values the unique journey of every individual, we strive to break down societal barriers and promote understanding. Our ultimate goal is to catalyze a transformative ripple effect, inspiring not only the lives of those we directly serve, but also reshaping the perceptions and systems surrounding reentry. Join us in realizing a future where second chances are embraced, and where the power of mentorship and comprehensive support paves the way for lasting change.


Become a Mentor
Mentors are men and women of all faith backgrounds who have completed a comprehensive 16-hour training program. After the initial training, mentors are asked to commit five to eight hours a month for one year. The program matches men and women leaving incarceration with a mentor of the same gender.


Mentors offer support to participants in a variety of ways.

  • “Meet you at the gate” to assist participants immediately upon release.

  • One-to-one mentoring during the final months of incarcerations and for six months post-release.

  • Connecting participants with resources and opportunities.

  • Reconnecting participants with their faith communities.

  • Be a force for change in a person’s life!


Click here to apply

Consider Employing a Returning Citizen
Many returning citizens are eager to return to the workforce but face barriers to gainful employment because of their criminal record. Hiring a returning citizen will give them hope and a realization that they are welcomed back into their community. With your help and willingness to hire one of our participants, they will be well on their way to a successful new life.

Employers of ex-felons are eligible to receive up to $9,600 in Federal Tax Credit through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Click here for more info: Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

Your generosity will sustain our efforts to help our returning citizens. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. You may donate online or mail a check made out to: SVDP Sacramento Council

P.O. Box 162487
Sacramento, CA 95816
MEMO LINE: Exodus Project


Program Overview


Catholic Herald article (October 2019)




2324 L Street Suite 308
Sacramento, CA 95816

Seth Castleman, Director

Chris Marzan, Re-entry Specialist


Cienna Silvia, Office Administrator


Imara Johnson, Community Intervention Worker


Marce Bushey, Community Intervention Worker


Natalee Brown, Community Intervention Worker.

Nykchasia Scott, Social Worker


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