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Disaster Relief Team


What is a Disaster Case Manager?

Disaster Case Managers (DCM) work with partner organizations to address unmet needs through volunteer assistance, in-kind donations, and accessing all available sources of potential funding including FEMA and SBA appeals, as well as, in some cases, financial support to fund unmet needs not covered by insurance or other avenues of support. 

What does a Disaster Case Manager do?

A Disaster Case Manager helps survivors to develop a realistic long-term recovery plan for recovering from the disaster. The disaster case manager also helps identify and facilitate access to appropriate community resources that will support the plan.

GET STORM RELIEF NOW - Have you been affected by the California Winter Storms 2023? And you live in Sacramento or Amador Counties? You may qualify for Disaster Case Management. 


Disaster Case Managers can help you:

-Register for FEMA assistance and appeal claims.

-Develop a plan to help you recover from a natural disaster.

-Connect to local services that can help in your recovery.


Saint Vincent de Paul Disaster Case Managers are available to help you recover from losses due to the California Winter Storms, which was declared a National Emergency by FEMA on January 14, 2023. Please apply for Case Management. 

Step 1. Complete the online intake form below and a resource specialist will contact you after completion.

Online Intake for Sacramento County

Online Intake for Amador County


Sacramento Diocesan Disaster Relief & Case Management

We have a well-respected qualified team that has done tremendous work with fire victims since 2014. As of April 1, 2023, our disaster team has begun working with flood victims. Saint Vincent de Paul established the Disaster Case Management program in partnership with Catholic Charities of California.

History of our Disaster Case Team

The team has provided local disaster support for many years, including the following:

  • Berryessa, Butte, and Trinity Fires in 2014 - 2016. 

  • Oroville Dam Spillover in 2017 linking with local conferences to provide temporary shelter and supplies for those who were unable to stay in the homes. 

  • The Camp Fire Disaster Case Management program began in December 2019 and wrapped up in May 2022. During that time, our staff served 1,366 clients. Obtaining over $1,500,000 in referrals and resources. The Camp Fire was the most devastating in California’s history, with 85 lives lost and 11,000 homes destroyed.

  • The North Complex Fire began on August 17, 2020, and burned 318,935 acres. By September 8th, the fire hurled through the mountain communities in Butte County California. The fire made national news for being the biggest and deadliest fire of 2020. It is currently the 7th largest wildfire in California’s history. SVdP Disaster Team continues to supply Disaster Case Management Services in Butte County.

  • Since May 2021, Saint Vincent De Paul Disaster Case Managers have been working to help survivors of the Bear Fire. As of October 31st, 2022, 981 cases have been opened with over $1,060,000 in referrals and resources received for the Bear Fire Survivors.

  • As of January 2022, our Disaster Team is also providing training and oversight in Placer, Lassen, Nevada and Plumas Counties.

  • With the recent winter storms and flood damage FEMA declared disaster areas for Sacramento and Amador Counties. In partnership with Catholic Charities, our team began work on these disasters April,1 2023.

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Simona Gallegos, Program Manager

Norma Abrego, Program Manager

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"Though there was no where to live, they were going to find a place for me and they did. They surely did. I am shocked. I can’t believe I have a place to live. I am very happy.


There is no where and there is nobody to turn to unless you have case managers and then you have help. and they are a lot of help."


Paradise Fire Survivor.



Any contribution is greatly appreciated. DONATE TODAY and make a difference in a survivor’s life 



or mail a check made out to:

SVDP Sacramento Council. 

P.O. Box 162487

Sacramento, CA 95816

MEMO LINE: Disaster Case Management

Northern California Fire Fund

We have an ongoing "Northern California Fire Fund" as our state is plagued with fires the need is constant. Click here to Donate. 

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Simona Gallegos, Program Manager                                                             

Anita English, Disaster Case Manager 

Heather Fleming, Disaster Case Manager

Dina Weger, Disaster Case Manager

Cecila Ortiz, Disaster Case Manager
Tiffanie Thompson, Disaster Case Manager


Kristen van Zyll de Jong, Disaster Case Manager

Ryan Wagner, Construction Analyst

Sarah Robbins, Admin Assistant
Christopher Johnson. Data Analyst

Norma Abrego, Program Manager

 Amanda Sylva

 Data Analyst

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