The tradition of the Society is to serve the poor within our local communities and the parish-based conference is central to this principle of subsidiarity.  In recognition of the increase of conferences throughout the Diocese of Sacramento, the conference presidents in 2014 authorized the restructuring of the Society in the Sacramento region. As re-organized, the Sacramento Diocesan Council comprises 7 district councils and over 50 conferences.  We have already experienced the benefit of this new structure in our improved ability to help those in need in our communities, from Solano to the south to the Oregon border.  Listed below are the district council presidents who form the team of servant leaders that will govern the future of the Society in the years ahead.

North State
Brendan Butler, President

Ron Morin, President

Sacramento East
Marion Bishop, President

Rich Kocher, President

South Sacramento
Danny Camarena, President

Venus De Coy, President

Solano County
Joe Alves, President

Diocesan Council Spiritual Advisor
Rev. Michael Kiernan


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