Top Hat

The Top Hat Dinner is our annual dinner to recognize and honor certain individuals among us, in a spirit of fellowship as Vincentians.

The Ozanam Award is presented by the Sacramento Council on the nomination of the conference presidents.  It is important to recognize those among us who inspire us and others to continue to strive to seek and live the Vincentian Vocation.  The Ozanam Award, named after Frederic Ozanam, the Society’s principal founder, is such recognition.

The Blessed Sister Rosalie Rendu Award is the highest bestowed upon a conference.   It is named after a Daughter of Charity who was performing Vincentian acts of charity in Paris before the first conference was even formed. It was to Sister Rosalie that Frederic Ozanam and his companions turned to learn how to serve those in need.

The Emmanuel Bailly Award recognizes a conference or council president for exemplary servant leadership in the manner of Emmanuel Bailly, the Society’s first conference president. This award is selected by the Council President.

The Top Hat Award, so named to honor the Society’s principal founder, Frederic Ozanam, who was known to wear a top hat in the style of 19th Century Paris, is presented each year to recognize-- in Vincentian fellowship-- an individual from among us, who, in the model of Frederic Ozanam, has demonstrated exemplary Vincentian virtues in service to the poor.

Top Hat Award
Inez Reyes 2017
Craig Shaw 2016
Phil Neiderberger 2015
Jay Barry 2014

Emmanuel Bailly President's Award
Paul Starkey 2017
Ron Morin  2016
Dr. Tom Stanko, M.D. 2015
John Hallissy 2014

Bl. Sr. Rosalie Rendu Conference Award
Holy Spirit Conference, Sacramento 2017
Immaculate Conception Conference, Sacramento 2016
St. Martin Conference, Esparto 2015
Holy Family Conference, Weed 2014

Dinner Programs listing Ozanam Award Recipients
agenda program 2016


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